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Empowerment. Connection. Balance.

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We empower, connect and provide the balance you need to be your strongest self! It all starts with Barre and you.

Barresoul is, and always will be a labour of love! We are Kelowna’s first barre studio that offers a wide range of traditional barre and barre fusion classes for adults as well as kids classes taking an integrated and human-centric approach of connecting with our community, family and friends. We have a strong focus on our people and their individual needs and goals, taking into consideration five main aspects of their current state of well-being: health, interests, time, lifestyle and nutrition. We live with a passion to introduce barre to Kelowna and focus on empowering others to live their best life, work through their own challenges and feel good doing it.


“We can reach our best in life when we empower each other.”

“A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.”


“Our bodies pursue balance whether we do or not.”

You are unique, so is our approach.

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Building and Supporting our Community!

We stay committed to our community and our Barresoul values as long as we exist – whether this is as a studio in physical form or as an online community!

Hence why we have decided to support all members of our community by offering “by donation” LIVE streamed classes 4X per week via Facebook and Instagram LIVE! …and we will do this as long as we can despite the setback our business is experiencing as result of closing our doors.

To be able to sustain this model beyond only a few weeks which means continuing to pay our studio bills and our amazing instructors we rely on your help!

If you like to make a donation of $10 / $20 or $30 (whatever your financial situation allows!) and join our by donation live-stream classes 4x/week please go to our pricing page.

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Barresoul Online Membership

In addition to live streams we are now offering a “Barresoul monthly online membership” which can be cancelled at any time. This membership includes

not only 4 but 7 Live-Streams/per week

recordings/videos of our Live-Streams that you can replay at any time for your workout @ home

access to our Barresoul Online Classes and Community page with all Barresoul updates, additional bite-size videos, pictures etc.

Sign up for our online monthly membership for only $39 per month and benefit from all the Barresoul Goodness as mentioned above (cancel at anytime!)

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