Don’t Forget to Feed Your Soul

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“Busy”, a word that could safely be used to describe 99.9% of my adult life. With each passing year, the 24 hours in a day become increasingly shorter and shorter, yet the mountain of responsibility grows faster. Sometimes it is just easier to put yourself at the bottom of the priority list and accept that as life. To be honest, this is how I have been feeling and it was extremely hard to find the motivation to make some kind of change that would reap some kind of result. Not laziness, but more-so a shortage of desire to make the…

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Why choosing dance as a way of life in today’s world is so elevating

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Hello from Barresoul’s front desk! My name is Jaicee and you can find me signing you in, or sweating in class! When I’m not at Barresoul I’m teaching dance in the Lake Country area where I’ve been teaching for nearly seven years with school-age kids. In this blog I want to address the benefits of dance movement in multiple facets of life! There’s no question that raising children in the 21st century is different than raising children in any other generation we’ve known, and the benefits of disciplined movement for the development and focus in growing brains is undeniable. Growing…

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Our Story: How Barresoul came to be

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Hi and welcome to Barresoul – a labour of passion! My name is Mirela and I am the owner of this wonderful little Barre Studio in beautiful Kelowna, B.C. I was born in a small town in former Yugoslavia where I spent the first 9 years of my life before I moved to Germany. When I was four, I walked into my first dance class. From that moment on, I was hooked. I danced my way through my childhood, teen-years, into college where I graduated with a degree in law and later with a second degree in business. After graduation…

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