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Our Story: How Barresoul came to be

Our Story: How Barresoul came to be

Hi and welcome to Barresoul – a labour of passion!

My name is Mirela and I am the owner of this wonderful little Barre Studio in beautiful Kelowna, B.C.

I was born in a small town in former Yugoslavia where I spent the first 9 years of my life before I moved to Germany. When I was four, I walked into my first dance class. From that moment on, I was hooked. I danced my way through my childhood, teen-years, into college where I graduated with a degree in law and later with a second degree in business.

After graduation I found myself in Frankfurt Germany working as a business consultant for a large consulting firm and teaching Pilates in my spare time. And still, I always felt the urgent need to dance, move and follow my passion. It was not long after the first few years of my career, that I discovered that I was struggling with being stuck to one place and to my office desk. I wanted to be free. I was not doing what I was meant to be doing and what I lived for. I packed my backpack, bought a one-way plane ticket to south and started traveling. I was always looking for the extra kick in life, the adventures, challenges… to explore the beauty of the world and live life to the full extend. The next 7 months I spent visiting all the amazing people and places all over Central and South-America. I felt free again. Apart from learning the beautiful Spanish language, my goal was to experience the love of dance in each city I would go to – from Guatemala all the way down to Peru and then back to Cuba. On my travels I didn’t only find my big love for dance again but also my second big love who I followed after my travels all the way to Canada….and here I am today.

Moving to Canada and giving birth to my third big love has been the best decision of my life and it has led me to discover BARRE. I have never been addicted in my life until I found Barre. Teaching Barre and visiting various Barre studios and gyms in Calgary, Vancouver and Kelowna I learned a lot what (to me) makes a great place to be. It is the community, the connection between the studio owner, their staff and their guests and it is about sharing our own strengths, weaknesses and learnings with others. As a mother of a toddler I wanted to be able to not only do things that are good for me but also for my child, spend time with my family and my friends without having to run from one place to the next. I was looking for a place where I can have it all until I realized that it doesn’t exist but that I CAN create it myself.

I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason and that each of us is set in this world to fulfill a MISSION. It has been always my dream to share my passion for dance, connection and the beauty of this world with others. The dream of creating a space for others to find joy in life through movement and connection is what keeps me going every single day.
If we follow our heart and do the things that we love doing, wonderful things will happen. My MISSION is everything Barresoul stands for: CONNECTION, EMPOWERMENT & BALANCE

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