Getting started
is easy!

Never been to a barre class before? That’s ok! We invite you to enter the world of micromovement, plies, pulses and experience the barre burn. Before we get to meet you at the barre (not bar!) we’ll go over what to expect.

I’m ready to begin!

Now that you have learned what barre is we want to get you prepared for your first class. Don’t worry, there is only 3 easy steps!

Check our schedule

Here you might have seen a few different types of classes. To find out about the differences and learn more about each class please check out our class overview.

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Book a class

Once you have decided which class is the right for you sign up online or give us a call and we can sign you in! Our online signup uses MindBodyOnline for your convenience. Download the app on your phone!

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Show up

For your first class, please arrive 15 minutes early to take a quick tour of our studio, grab your toe-sox and get yourself introduced to the instructor. Be sure to inform your instructor of any injuries or limitations before class begins. Our knowledgeable instructors will always provide low impact modifications as well to accommodate your specific needs.

Get Directions


For the most effective class

Don’t stress
Always listen to your body
Small movements
Shaking is a goods thing

Don't stress

Don’t stress over the terminology you will hear throughout the class. Very quickly you will learn what it means when we say Plié, pelvic tuck, first, second, third or 4th position, eleve and releve – everything will be well explained and demonstrated by your barre tender during the class.

Always listen to your body

Nobody expects you to be a dancer, pilates or yoga expert to attend our classes. Barre is suitable for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. We guarantee a supportive and non-judgmental environment, where you can participate within your own limits and do whatever feels good for your own body.

Small movements

Keep your movements in class as small as possible. They should hardly be visible. ~This will work deeper in your muscles and target areas you have probably never worked before.

Shaking is a good thing

If you shake it means you’ve hit that sweet spot, your muscles are tearing (don’t panic, these are tiny, microscopic tears) and then more muscle fibers are created as these little tears heel to create toned, lean muscles.


If nothing else work, keep smiling. This will make all your efforts seem easier and better. This will get you through the pain…the barre burn… and release those endorphins!

The Barresoul method

The Kelowna Barresoul method focuses on a full-body workout to strengthen, stretch and tone each muscle— even those you never knew you had! Differently from other barre methods our method has a strong focus on ballet and Pilates principles. It involves the equipment used in ballet, namely the ballet barre and some additional equipment commonly used in Pilates and other fitness workouts, such as hand weights, tubing and exercise ball. The small isometric movements are unique to this style of exercise and are accessible for all fitness levels. The goal of the workout is to provide individuals with a total body workout that fuses the strength, conditioning and flexibility of dancers with the repetition, muscle loading and structure of a traditional fitness class.

Discover your passion for barresoul.

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