“We can reach our best in life when we empower each other.”

We share our struggles, progress, success and advice with one another. By collaborating in a community-minded environment, we expend and attract like-minded individuals who want the best for themselves and those around them. Each time you walk out our doors, you feel stronger, richer and more powerful.

“A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.”

Rather than focusing on building a business, we’re focused on building a community in Kelowna and connections where we can connect the seemingly unconnected. We use creativity and passion as the power to connect.

“Our bodies pursue balance whether we do or not.”

We provide the space where you can take a step back, let go of your worries and treasure the present moment. One step and one pulse at the time!

You are unique, so is our approach.


Our Story

“It is the community, the connection between the studio owner, their staff and their guests and it’s about sharing our strengths, weaknesses and learnings with others that make Barresoul a great place to be.” – Mirela Johnson, Owner of Barresoul

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Our Why

It’s not about your past, what you did an hour ago, what you’re wearing, the color of your skin, hair or lipstick, your body shape, or how high you can lift your leg. We don’t care whether you are a dancer, a fitness expert or just someone who is starting to bring a new light into their life and wants to start something new.

We don’t compare, we don’t judge! We CONNECT, EMPOWER and provide you with the BALANCE in your life you’ve been looking for. We care about how you feel, what you want to achieve and whether you want to start your own journey today.

Our How

At Barresoul, we believe that we can provide a well-rounded concept for everyone, that considers their needs by giving a new meaning to connection and community support. We want to bring families and friends together, establish a new sense of community and lifestyle, and define health from within.

What we offer

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